اشترى لاب توب جديد ولا استيراد ؟؟ 😇😇

Should I buy a new or imported? 😇😇

Bought a new laptop? 😇😇
Many people ask us to buy a new device or not import and finish the best!!🤔🤔
Before anything, you must know that (no one understands better than you) 😎😎
We will tell you about the most important advantages of new or used devices and you are the master of your decision 😉😉
1- New devices:
What is the difference between buying a new device? 🤔
▪️ You will be the first one to touch the device.
▪️ The device will have a one-year warranty. If it has manufacturing defects, you can return it to warranty.
▪️ The device will not have its components consumed before that, like the battery life and internal parts.
2- Import devices:
What is special about buying an import device over the new one? 🤔
🔹 The most important cost point because if you want to buy a new device for simple use, you must make your account at 10 to 12 thousand pounds as a minimum, unlike import devices 6 to 7 thousand, they guarantee you a device with very high capabilities that runs graphics programs and heavy games.
🔹 The most important point is the import laptop, which is made of high-quality materials, for example, the body is metal, not plastic
🔹 The difference in the size and locking of devices is always better for import devices, unlike new devices
These devices are not used by foreigners and are in excellent condition
Because the comparison above that many people see will be in favor of the import devices
And because of this, sales of imported devices are more than new devices.
🔷 Import devices whose returns do not exceed the 5% barrier because it will be of great interest in manufacturing and interest in foreign housing.
The percentage of malfunctions does not exceed 2%, which is why the majority of merchants advise importing devices
🔸 If you use Photoshop and graphics programs, why is import better for you??
The capabilities you need
Windows 10 and 64 bit
RAM: 16 GB
Graphics card: 4 GB
And free space on the hard drive is no less than 4 GB
Preferably the hard disk on which the program is SSD
And this is what you will find. You will be able to find it in import devices easily and at costs that can reach 40 to 45% less than the new one.
There is always a question that brings us so much
((Import devices, their spare parts are available, and do people suffer???))
🔹 Yes.. it exists and there is no need for it in this because the same brands are present in the Egyptian market
🟧 Bought a laptop, what are its specifications???
🔹 Here we will introduce you to: https://www.facebook.com/RebuyTechEg/posts/314719543687589
🟧 How much.... If you want to ask about the specifications of the appropriate hardware for your use of a program, you can contact our team of engineers to help you choose the best and most suitable for you.
Call us on T/WhatsApp: 01090595053
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