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What are the specs of a laptop to buy?

The first thing that comes to you is the idea that you are buying a laptop, so before anything you decide what you will use the device for, in order to choose a device whose specifications fit your use. For example, you will use the device outside the house a lot, as you will need a battery that sits for long periods and is not necessary, the size of the RAM, storage requirements..etc. } So that you do not buy a device whose capabilities are less than your use, and it wears you out, and it remains difficult to return or exchange it, and do not buy a device whose capabilities are higher than your use, so you will still pay money for the spare

Here is the comprehensive guide to choosing a laptop that suits your needs
Let us introduce you to the roles of the 4 components of the countries on which we will measure the specifications that will suit your use
1- Processor || Processor: It is responsible for the performance of the laptop
2- RAM: It determines the speed of data exchange between it and the rest of the device’s components
3- Screen card: It is responsible for displaying pictures, videos, games, etc. There are two types (internal built-in card - external separate card)
4- Hard disk: The hard disk for storing data

What is the nature of your use of the laptop?
simple use
Just browsing the net, using Microsoft programs and light programs. If this is what you need from the laptop, keep looking at these specifications
- Core I3 processor 3rd generation or higher
- The RAM is 2 to 4 GB (the type will not differ, whether DDR3, DDR2)
- The graphics card does not make much difference
- The hard drive according to your storage requirements, but the minimum need is 500 GB

Use for simple games and design programs
If you use all the time + download some light games, use design programs and high office programs, and also watch movies smoothly, it will keep spinning on a laptop in it.
- Core I5 ​​processor is preferred, but the processor speed is not less than 2 GHz.
Device generation (preferably 4th generation and above)
The ram is 4 GB
- The graphics card is not less than 1 GB (1 GB is the actual value of the card). You will find people saying that the graphics card is up to 4 GB, but in this case it is withdrawn from the RAM
- The hard drive according to your storage requirements, but the minimum need is 500 GB

high use
All the past + video and photo montage and playing games with high graphics.
keep you want
- A processor, preferably core I 7 or possible Core I 5, but the processor speed is not less than 2.7 GHz and above).
Device generation (preferably 5th generation and above)
The cache value is not less than 4 megabytes (this cache is meant to speed up the execution of program commands)
The RAM is 4 to 8 GB
- Graphics card not less than 2 to 4 gigabytes
It is preferable to have an SSD hard disk.

In general..... Peace, if the hard drive is an SSD, it will differ with you in the speed of the device
Note that some programs have special requirements
Recommended specifications for optimal use. These specifications, if you check the device, you will find the program runs smoothly and you listen very much while you are working on it, and it is as follows
Windows 10 and 64 bit
RAM: 16 GB
Graphics card: 4 GB
And free space on the hard drive is no less than 4 GB
Preferably the hard disk on which the program is SSD

How much.... If you want to ask about the specifications of the devices suitable for your use of a program, you can contact our team of engineers to help you choose the best and most suitable for you.
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