About us

reBuyTech is working hard to enrich information technology services for companies, factories, and schools by providing elite imported desktops and laptops and their accessories –first class with high specifications at low prices, along with excellent warranty and support.

the imported computers are thoroughly tested, the memory is upgraded, and the hard disk is upgraded to ssd technology to guarantee high speed to meet today’s workloads.

rebuytech has a computer service center to provide warranty repairs to our customers, in addition to, repair services for computers without warranty.

rebuytech provides managed it services via elite engineers and it experts to enhance the quality of information technology services in companies, factories, and schools whose main business is not it. this saves time and effort of our customers to focus on their primary business without being overwhelmed with it management and operation. we are helping our customers' it teams to fulfill their needs: technical support, maintenance, technical consultations, and suggest appropriate technical solutions at the lowest cost

reBuyTech – Elite Product, High Quality, Outstanding Warrantee


rebuytech call us phone 00201090595053

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Head Office: 6 October City

Nasr City Branch 

rebuytech location Naser City   4 Emad El-Deen Kamel, Abbas El-Akkad, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, Egypt – coworking space (Bee Cell)